Cultural IDP Application

Rules & Regulations

For successful execution of the event, we have the following instructions and information for you:

1. Selection of the items will be on first come first serve bases.

2. The movie song selection will be on first come first select base in order to avoid the same song to be repeated.

3. The Committee holds the right for the final discretion.

4. You need to provide two copies of your song (two CD’s) for each entry. Allow for maximum 10 seconds of blank space before song plays. Two copies of CD are requested for each entry. The song should not be longer than 6 minutes. . Allow a maximum of 10 seconds blank space before. Please make sure that the quality of recording is good. The committee holds the right to stop the music after 6.05 minutes.

5. Minimum of 4 participants required to perform.

6. Dress code: Family friendly costumes suitable for our Indian culture, tradition and its The committee holds the right to disqualify an item on the cultural day for inappropriate clothing.

7. All the participants, choreographers, managers must be at the cultural stage at time communicated to you.

8. Only 1 choreographer, 1manager and participants are allowed on the backstage.

9. All the participants are expected to come to the cultural stage fully ready in their costumes and make up.

10. Stage dimensions: 24ftx32ft.One side entry/exit. Open air stage.

11. Please provide us any special instruction/information with your entry form.

12. Once the participating group’s performance is over, the participants together with choreographers, managers and helpers must vacant the back stage area.

13. No glass bangles will be allowed on the stage or in dressing area for the safety of all.

14. No dry or wet colors, objects, papers, confetti, grains, and/or particles or material of any nature whatsoever, should be sprinkled or thrown on the stage or on the dressing area or at the back No hanging props allowed.

15. Please refrain from drinking any form of alcoholic beverages or smoking in the stage premises.

16. FIA will not be responsible for any physical injury incurred by any individual participating in the show or by any other individual.


Things to Remember:

1. We are sure you all must be practicing really hard as the date for the event is approaching closer to the deadline.

2. Here is the list of the items you need to be aware of …

3. We have to start the cultural program at 2.15p.m sharp .and end at 5.30 pm no matter what.

4. Everyone is requested to be present at the cultural stage area no later than 1.30 p.m.

5. If you are late, please notify us as soon as possible so we can prepare ourselves accordingly.

6. You are requested to come dressed for your dance as the 2 changing rooms (1 for Boys AND 1 for Girl) are small and will cause a lot of inconvenience to all with so many participants ,

7. You can do your makeup there as mirrors will be provided for your convenience.

8. The dressing areas are small, so make sure only the participants, the choreographer, and managers are there only. Anyone else other than the list we have will be asked to leave, no exceptions here.

9. Because of the strict time frame, your item should not exceed 6 min; please don’t have us turn the music off.

10. Make sure that your kids are well behaved and do not make the dressing area or the back of the stage too noisy. We expect you to respect the stage and the artists.

11. The stage dimensions are 24’deep x 32’wide, it has only one entry/exit, make sure you do not block it for any reason.

12. The food and water supply (only for participants, managers and choreographer.) is our responsibility and will be taken care of.

13. Make sure you bring your C.D along with you.


I/We understand that FIA is not responsible for any loss, theft or damage of my property. I have read the above terms and conditions and will also abide by the rules and regulations of City of New York.

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