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    Time of The Item *:Maximum song limit is 6.00 minutes

    Brief Description of the Item *:

    Special Request :

    Note: APPLICATION MUST BE RECEIVED BY June 30 h 2023. Email the song clearly marked with the name of the school, category and duration of song at [email protected]

    Name of Participants (Alphabetical Order – By Last Name)

    Rules & Regulations

    To ensure the successful execution of the event, we have the following rules and regulations. PLEASE CAREFULLY REVIEW THEM & SIGN THE CONSENT. Ensure correct spelling of participants’ and choreographers’ names in the attached application form. Please attach the picture of the choreographer which may be used for Brochure.

    1. The song/theme selection will be on a first-come-first-select basis to avoid repetition. Feel free
    to call us in advance to book your song entry. FIA reserves the right to accept or reject the
    songs at any time.

    2. You need to email a copy of your song for each entry. Allow for 10 seconds of blank space
    before the song plays. Two copies of USBs requested for each entry on the event day. The
    song should not be longer than 6.00 minutes. Please make sure that the quality of recording is
    good. The committee holds the right to stop the music after 6.05 minutes.

    3. Minimum of 8 participants required to perform.

    4. Dress code: Family friendly costumes- suitable for our Indian culture, tradition and its value. The
    committee holds the right to disqualify an item on the cultural day for inappropriate clothing.

    5. All the participants, choreographers, managers must be at the cultural stage at assigned time.

    6. Only 1 choreographer, 1 manager and participants are allowed backstage.

    7. All the participants are expected to come to the cultural stage fully ready in their costumes and
    make up.

    8. Stage will be located at 24th Street and Madison Ave. Stage dimensions are 20ft x 33ft. Stage is
    covered with only one-sided entry/exit.

    9. Please provide us with any special instruction/information with your entry form.

    10. Once the participating group’s performance is over, the participants together with the
    choreographer and manager must vacate the backstage area immediately.

    11. No glass bangles will be allowed on the stage or in the dressing area for the safety of all.

    12. No dry or wet colors, objects, papers, confetti, grains, and/or particles or material of any nature
    whatsoever, should be sprinkled or thrown on the stage or on the dressing area or at the
    backstage. No hanging props allowed.

    13. FIA will not be responsible for any physical injury incurred by any individual participating in the
    show or in the entire parade area.

    14. As events come closer, we will notify you of the time slot. If you are not there at a given time
    slot, your slot will be given to the other dance school and you will lose your slot.

    I Understand the Rules and Regulation for participation in India Day Parade celebration.

    I Agree

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