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FIA Eyes 2 Guinness World Records On India Day Parade, Announces In Press Conference At Press In Club Of India


The Federation of Indian Associations’ (FIA) press conference on June 1 at the Press Club of India (PCI) was marked by the presence of marquee personalities from various walks of life, including the world of sports and entertainment.
Some of the noted personalities and dignitaries who graced the event include Sumit Das (from Khadi India), Piyush Chawla, Sameep Shastri, Kapil Gupta, Bipin Babu, Renu Hussain, Ajay Bansal, Chander Sharma, Rahul Dayal, Satnam Sambhy, Kamaljeet Kochhar, Ronit Agarwal, Ike Sinha, Manish Kumar and Sanjay Mallick. Earlier in the day, the team of FIA delegates visited the Indian Parliament House and met with some of the Indian parliamentarians in their respective North and South block offices and presented them with the FIA exclusive mementoes, souvenirs, brochures and pleasantries besides bouquets and shawls.

The FIA met with Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya, besides meeting a couple of other key Indian lawmakers and sought their blessing and guidance to make the event more encompassing and monumental for the Global Indian diaspora.

The FIA delegation also met with the ISCON temple priest and presented him with bouquets, mementos and souvenirs.

The press conference held in the afternoon at the PCI was to announce the festivities being planned to celebrate 75 years of India’s Independence Day and 40th Annual India Day Parade at Manhattan, NYC on August 21, 2022 and the historic attempts to set two Guinness World Records. This will be a historically important year for 4.6 million strong Indian diaspora and the motherland – India. In the homeland of the USA, FIA will commemorate 75th Independence Day.

Furthermore, on August 21, the FIA will organize the India Day Parade followed by the Grand Gala reception at the prestigious Smithsonian Museum American Indian in the evening. The day will see 2 Guinness World Records attempts at the India Day Parade – most Flags flown in an outdoor event and the largest Damru (2 headed drum) ensemble.

It will also witness a fun fair in Manhattan on August 26 between the Park Ave and Madison Ave.
These events will be marked by the presence of celebrities from the Indian Film Industry. Hon. Mayor Adams will also be present to grace the event.

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