NEW JERSEY, 30th May — The Indian community in New York buzzed with excitement Thursday as they gathered for a special meet-and-greet event with the newly appointed Consul General of India, Mr. Binaya Pradhan. Hosted by Parikh Media Worldwide at the ITV Gold Auditorium in Edison, New Jersey, the event aimed to strengthen ties between the consulate and the vibrant Indian diaspora in the region.

Distinguished guests, including Congressman Frank Pallone, Woodbridge Mayor John McCormac, Parikh Worldwide Media Chairman Dr. Sudhir Parikh, Head of VFS – Americas – Mr. Amit Kumar Sharma, FIA Chairman Mr. Ankur Vaidya, FIA President Dr. Avinash Gupta, and the FIA Executive Team, graced the occasion, highlighting its significance in the broader American political landscape.

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the insightful speeches delivered by key figures. In his inaugural address, Mr. Binaya Pradhan expressed his deep commitment to serving the interests of the Indian community in New York and beyond. He emphasized the importance of collaboration and dialogue in addressing the diverse needs and aspirations of Indian-Americans, promising an open-door policy at the consulate.

Congressman Frank Pallone, a longstanding advocate for Indian-American issues, reiterated his unwavering support for the community and emphasized the importance of active civic engagement in shaping policy outcomes. His presence underscored the bipartisan nature of the event, signaling a unified commitment towards strengthening Indo-US ties.

Mayor John McCormac highlighted the significant presence of the Indian American community in Woodbridge and the township's proactive approach to addressing their needs. He acknowledged challenges such as parking space shortage around shopping outlets and assured that the township council is diligently exploring solutions to improve the quality of life for all residents, including Indian-Americans.

FIA Chairman Mr. Ankur Vaidya expressed optimism regarding the event's potential to foster greater interaction and synergy between the consulate and the Indian diaspora in the region. He urged consideration for opening a new consular office in the New Jersey area, emphasizing its benefits for various segments of the Indian diaspora and bilateral relations between India and the United States.

The event underscored the importance of proactive measures to address the evolving needs of the Indian diaspora and strengthen diplomatic ties between India and the United States. Advocacy for a new consular office in New Jersey reflects a forward-thinking approach aimed at fostering inclusivity, accessibility, and mutual understanding, ultimately contributing to a more robust partnership between the two countries.

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